Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Paris, 1997

Thursday, July 24.

Now that I'm back stateside, I've been having a blast going through old photo albums and comparing our 90s-era pictures of the places I've just come back from visiting. I started scanning them all into the computer and am enjoying sharing all the pictures with friends and, now, blog readers. Remember, you can find all these "Throwback Thursday" posts on the blog!

Here are some snapshots from a family trip to Paris, circa 1997. (If you want to figure out the exact date, you can do a little math ... the numbers on the Eiffel Tower in the photo below are a countdown to the Millenium.)

894 days before January 1, 2000..?

The photos above were taken by my parents, as we all took a bus tour of the city. As you can see below, my mom was lucky to have two very alert and interested young tourists! Oh. Wait.

My favorite shots are from our visit to Notre Dame. Madeleine and I LOVED chasing down pigeons wherever we went, so this picture of her in the garden behind the cathedral couldn't be more perfect. Plus, the shot of the cathedral in the photo of my dad is my favorite angle! (Taken from the Pont de l'Archevêché,

My memories from this trip are hazier than the photos, but I'll never forget the hotel we stayed at. I was sharing a room with my big sister and my parents didn't believe us when we told them we could see the Eiffel Tower from our window. But lo and behold, when they came in and stuck their necks out the window at juuust the right angle, the very tippity top of the Tour Eiffel was visible ... a room with a view after all!

In honor of that story, here's by far the best photo of the trip...

What a good-looking, photogenic group of ladies ... am I right? (But seriously, kudos to Emily -- and those stunna shades -- for being the only one to actually look at the camera.)

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