living abroad

Living abroad often feels about far as you can possibly get from travelling abroad. Forget about the fun parts. Forget about sightseeing, barhopping, and sipping espresso in a picturesque café. You're going to be waiting in line at the town hall to get yet another form stamped.

Okay, okay -- living abroad isn't ALL work ... and for the most part, the pros far outweigh the cons. But making the move abroad can be a difficult and intimidating process! If you are looking for helpful advice, funny anecdotes, or blog recommendations about living in Francophone Europe, then you've come to the right place.

Blog Series

When preparing to move to Luxembourg in September 2015, I had a hard time finding resources geared towards someone like me. I felt beyond articles like "Five Things to Pack for Study Abroad" but was completely overwhelmed by posts devoted to raising children abroad and bringing the family pet through quarantine. Where was my guide to applying for a titre de séjour as a Fulbright grantee? Or opening a Luxembourgish bank account as a Korean-born American?

As I began to figure out how life worked in the Grand Duchy, I decided to keep a record of my adventures in the hopes that by sharing my experiences with the ~*~blogosphere~*~, I could prevent some equally lost soul from crying in the study abroad office at the University of Luxembourg. (True story. I'm not proud.)

Blog Recommendations.

In case you want to read something NOT written by me, here a few of my favorite blog posts and articles about making the move abroad as a young person, featuring several bloggers who worked as English language teaching assistants in Europe!
Other excellent sites for expats in Luxembourg and other parts of Francophone Europe include AngloInfo (which features an excellent guide to the registration process) and Expatica


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