moving to belgium

Recently arrived in Belgium and looking for tips for a fun and fulfilling expat life? You and me both! As I sort out my new life in Brussels, stay tuned for advice about making the move to Belgium.

In July 2016, I said goodbye to Luxembourg and moved to Brussels to start a new job. It was a quick transition: in fact, I began working before I had even technically moved in to my new place in Brussels!

Resources for Expats in Belgium
My Favorite Belgian-Based Bloggers
  • S Marks the Spots ... Sandy blogs about her adventures around the world, but it's her detailed and thoughtful posts about her hometown of Brussels that really stand out!
  • Style Playground ... Axelle is a Parisian-educated fashion blogger who shares posts about style, beauty, lifestyle, and travel from her home base in Brussels!
  • Wonderful Wanderings ... Sofie is a full-time travel blogger who travels around the world, but it's her posts about her home country of Belgium that first drew me to the website. 

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