Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Saturday, June 1.

Hi there and welcome to Montpellier et Moi, the blog I'll be using to provide updates about my experience as a William & Mary student studying abroad at the Universite Paul-Valery in Montpellier, France during the Fall 2013 semester.

I know what you're thinking: Elisabeth, it's June. You're not studying abroad yet. And you're right -- I'm not in Montpellier yet! But even though my study abroad program doesn't begin until mid-August, I've been planning my trip for over six months. There's a lot that goes into study abroad: finding and being accepted to the perfect program, applying for scholarships, figuring out classes and living situations, and -- of course -- applying for a student visa. Because the study abroad process is such a crazy one and because my program is so new to William & Mary, I thought it could be helpful to share what I'm going through before heading off to France.

For the next few months, this blog will be dedicated to the ins and outs of the study abroad application process: how to find and apply to programs, how to fund your trip, and how to figure out the necessary paperwork! Starting in mid-August, I'll be heading to France and will keep you updated with lots of photos, stories, and probably more than a few embarrassing moments.

In the meantime, you can explore the blog a bunch of different ways. Check out the bar to your left -- you can search for different subjects, find all the posts on a certain topic, or scroll through the blog archive! The tabs on top of the blog will take you to different pages -- all part of the blog. And of course, feel free to comment on posts with any questions or suggestions!

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