about me

Hi there! My name is Elisabeth (spelled "the French way" ... which may explain a few things). I'm a twenty-something American with a passion for travel, history, and all things francophone. I started this blog as a study abroad student back in 2013; today, I am living, working -- and still blogging! -- in Brussels, Belgium. 

A Semester in Montpellier (2013)

While getting my bachelor's degree in Global Studies and in French & Francophone Studies, I was strongly encouraged to spend time abroad ... and I didn't exactly put up a fight! After having spent several years overseas while growing up, I practically jumped at the chance to return to Europe. Through a study abroad program at my university, I spent just over four months in the fall of 2013 living and taking classes in Montpellier, France. Click here to read more about my semester in France.

A Summer in France (2014)

After returning to the U.S. for the spring semester of my junior year, I realized that I wasn't quite finished with France. Thanks to a couple of generous scholarships, I headed back to France for six weeks in the summer of 2014 to conduct research for an honors thesis. I visited museums dedicated to World War II all over France and spent my free time doing as much sightseeing as possible! Click here to read more about my summer research.

A Year in Luxembourg (2015-2016)

As a senior in college, I took a chance and applied for a Fulbright grant to teach English in Luxembourg. I moved to the Grand Duchy as a Fulbright E.T.A. in September 2015 and spent ten months falling in love with this beautiful, multilingual country! Click here to read more about my Fulbright experience.

After nearly a year in Luxembourg, I have decided to move closer to home ... by a whole 100 miles! I am now living and working in Brussels, the vibrant and multilingual capital city of Belgium.

I started this blog three years ago. Back in June 2013, I wrote in order to calm my pre-departure jitters: blogging about my visa application and the arduous packing process made me feel like a study abroad expert, not a scared 20-year-old about to leave the country on her own for the first time. I shared my posts with family and a few friends. Since then, it has turned into an advice column, a virtual postcard, and a travel diary. Enjoy!