Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting to Know Me?

Tuesday, June 18.

Thank the good lord. I am finally one step closer to finding out where I'll be living next fall!

Although I've known all along that I'll be staying with a French family for the majority of my study abroad experience (with the exception of the first few weeks, which will be spent in a dorm), I've had absolutely zero information about the homestay! It's been torture discussing my study abroad program with friends and family, because they invariably ask me if I know where I'll be living. Some want to know about the family I'll be staying with and start asking about meals and laundry -- details that I can't even fathom knowing right now. Cue panic attack, am I right?

Well hopefully, the end of that frustrating obscurity is in sight. I just got a message from Sue Watson, the Montpellier resident (but native English speaker ... yippee!) who coordinates our homestay program. The email didn't actually give me any more information than I already knew, but it included an important form that will put me one step closer to meeting my host family.

The form is designed to "match" students to host families, through a series of questions ... that seem to be worryingly centered on sports! In addition to very basic information (name, date of birth, and next of kin), the form asks for:

  • Majoring in...
  • Other studies...
  • Special interests/achievements/ambitions...
  • Your favorite sports activities
  • Your favorite spectator sports
See what I mean about the sports? I'm struggling to think of my favorites without having to resort to something like "badminton." Eek! The form also requests that we answer whether or not we:
  • are a vegetarian (I said no, but that I don't eat a lot of red meat at home ... which is true!)
  • have allergies
  • take regular medication 
  • like cats/dogs/small children
I'm not going to lie, I was expecting a few more questions! Although it seems like she's definitely covered all of the important basics, it's nerve-wracking to think that all the details that determine your compatibility with a random family can be summed up in a neatly-typed page. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. They are maybe trying to find ways to keep you entertained in spare time. You love to go to zoos, museums, travel, walk around in towns, picnic, and read.