Saturday, December 7, 2013

La Ville Vide: Sunday Morning in Montpellier

Samedi, 7 decembre.

Nothing particularly exciting to say today, but here are some pictures from last weekend, when I took a few hours and walked around the quieter parts of downtown Montpellier. It's amazing how quiet this city can be on a Sunday morning.


Snack break! How about a croissant aux amandes?

In Montpellier, even the graffiti has graffiti.

Le Carré Sainte-Anne -- once a church, now a contemporary art exhibit.


  1. Beautiful quiet time in the city. Have you gone to church there yet? There are so many awesome churches in Europe you feel like just being inside one is the same as attending a service. Thanks for sharing. P&B

  2. Ah, very nice! I enjoyed walking quietly with you in this entry. I remember that croissant aux amandes you brought me that morning was so YUMMY!