Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update: May ... and the Rest of Spring Semester!

Thursday, May 15.

Remember when I used to update this blog every few days? Well, it turns out that life back in the States just isn't as conducive to frequent blog-writing!

Part of me still misses the lax schedule of Paul-Valéry, where classes met once or twice a week (if there were no student grèves) and where 'homework' could be completed in a couple minutes while sitting on my bed. The retour to the academic rigor of William & Mary was, unsurprisingly, tough. Although my 15-credit load wasn't necessarily any more difficult than it has been in the past, I found myself working harder than I ever have before. A full week after finishing my last final exam, I can tell you that it was worth it. (Although I can't promise that I would have said the same thing a few weeks ago.) I was really passionate about everything that I was doing, from my classes to my internship to my new extracurricular activities, and although I thought I'd be ready to see the end of what has definitely been my busiest and most challenging semester at W&M, I was sad to see it go.

I've done a lot this semester. Some of it, I was expecting -- I signed up for (most of) my classes and applied for my Admissions Office internship before I even left France. But most of it was unexpected, even accidental -- I had no plans to run for Honor Council, no idea that I would wind up taking a 400-level English class about Shakespeare, and certainly no intention to spend the majority of my evenings in Swem Library! I'm proud of what I have accomplished and while I know that next semester will be an even bigger adventure, I'm excited.

Looking back on the past four months (four months?!), I can't believe that they went as quickly as they did. It feels like yesterday that I was boarding the plane to come home for Christmas! Because there's simply no way to explain everything that happened this semester in the detail I would like, I'll give you the second half of Spring 2014 in photos. If it all seems a little jumbled and confusing, that's because it was!

Elizabeth Suzanne meets Willa Francis for the first time.

Volunteering with some furry friends at W&M Greek Life's philanthropy event, the ARC Carnival.

All dressed up for a beautiful sunshiney day of Delta Phi Croquet!

Kappa Delta Spring 2014 Formal

Posing with TJ on Day for Admitted Students!

With my KD Big, Emily, after her Honors Thesis defense ... what a superstar!


  1. PS. Have any questions about the semester? Just comment and let me know!

  2. So proud of your blog; enjoyed it all and continually confident of your success in whatever you do. Love you so much. P&B