Saturday, December 19, 2015

"That's So Luxembourg!" at Luxembourg Light Nights

Samschdeg, 19 Dezember.

This weekend, Luxembourg held its first ever holiday light show. The spectacle son et lumière (doesn't everything sound ten times more dramatic in French?) was hosted in the Cité Judiciaire on Friday and Saturday night.

Equal parts circus, holiday party, and display of national pride, the light show was certainly ... well ... something!


Want to get a better sense of what it was really like? Check this out!

If I had to pick one, I'd say that my current catch phrase is "That's so Luxembourgish." What's so Luxembourgish? Oh, you know. An unevenly-enforced rule at the university that prohibits more than one Christmas tree in the same room. A front-page story in Le Quotidien about something that's not even remotely newsworthy. A museum employee giving you an explanation in three different languages (even though it's obvious you understood him the first time). And, of course, this light show.

Another thing that's just so Luxembourgish? While at the light show, I ran into a friend from William & Mary. She knew I had been living in Luxembourg, but thought I was in Brussels for the holidays. I knew she had been in Luxembourg, but thought she was in Paris for the weekend. And, of course, we ran smack dab into each other in the middle of Luxembourg Light Nights.

So Luxembourgish.

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