Friday, March 25, 2016

Castles and Casemates and Cities ... Oh My!

Freideg, 25 Mäerz.

After visiting Rachel in Scotland last month, it was only fair that I return the favor. She came and spent a week of her spring break in the Grand Duchy.

In addition to an impromptu afternoon trip to Rodemack, our adventures included: hiking the Mullerthal-Consdorf trail with my housemates, attending classes at the University of Luxembourg Belval Campus (very new) and my local high school (very old), exploring Luxembourg City and touring the Bock Casemates, hiking from Berdorf to Echternach, and climbing all over visiting the castle ruins at Esch-sur-Sûre. Rachel even took advantage of her time in Luxembourg (and my time in the classroom) to visit Brussels and Trier!

As these are mostly places that I have been to (and written about) before, I thought you might enjoy just seeing some photos! If you have questions about any of the sites featured, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Do you recognize some of the locations in the photos above? On Saturday, Rachel and I tagged along with some of my housemates and their friends on a hike from Mullerthal to Consdorf, along the same trail that I hiked on my very first weekend in Luxembourg! The hike was a ton of fun ... especially because, this time, we did NOT get lost and wind up in the middle of a corn field!

On Tuesday, after spending two days visiting my high school and university classes, Rachel and I spent the afternoon in Luxembourg City. I made sure that we hit all the highlights! Do you recognize some of the spots we visited?

The National Monument of Solidarity in Luxembourg City commemorates those who resisted Nazi occupation.

The back door -- or is it the front door? -- of Notre Dame Cathedral, the only cathedral in Luxembourg.

Taking advantage of the view from the Chemin de la Corniche, known as the most beautiful 'balcony' in Europe!


On Thursday, we left bright and early to go hiking again! This time, we opted for the trail between Berdorf and Echternach. I've written about this trail before, as it is one of my favorites for visitors: diverse and exciting without being too challenging. Plus, it affords amazing views of the Sûre River and the town of Echternach.

After hiking to Echternach and spending some time exploring the town (and, of course, crossing the border to Echternacherbrück because #wheninRome), we took the bus west to Esch-sur-Sûre, where Rachel was finally able to fulfill her childhood dreams and climb all over a ruined castle. ;)

Do you see what I see? Rachel found a convenient hiding place along the trail!


In Germany, but not for long -- time to cross the bridge back to Echternach!


Thank you for a wonderful week, Rachel!

Want to see more pictures from our week in Luxembourg? Check out Rachel's blog, A Reeb Abroad, which includes photos from Luxembourg City as well as our other adventures.

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  1. I'm about a year late looking but enjoyed this every bit as much as if I'd been on time. You two are so easily entertained and must have the most gorgeous legs in the world.