2015 - 2016: luxembourg

From September 2015 to July 2016, I lived in Luxembourg as a grantee through the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (E.T.A.) Program. Although I had briefly visited the Grand Duchy during my semester abroad, I loved the opportunity to get to know this tiny, unique country!

One of the perks of living in such a tiny country (did you know that Luxembourg is the size of Rhode Island?!) is that I had the chance to explore every nook and cranny. A full list of the places I've been -- both while studying abroad and doing my Fulbright -- is available on the "Travelling in Francophone Europe" page, but below you can learn more about the places I visited while in Luxembourg.

Life in Luxembourg

Have questions about the Fulbright ETA program? You can check out this blog post to read about the terms of my grant or get all your questions answered in "What am I Doing Here?"

Want to learn more about living temporarily in Luxembourg? Check out the "Quest for Luxembourgish Residency" series of blog posts or the "Lessons in Luxembourgish" series. And remember, you can always follow the blog "tags" to read posts about a specific subject. For example, all posts about places and things in Luxembourg can be found here.

Fulbright Luxembourg Bucket List

When you're spending ten months in a country that most travel books and bloggers boast to show you in one afternoon (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C), you've got to a get a little creative!

Here are some of the things on my Fulbright Luxembourg bucket list.
  • Hike on the Müllerthal Trail.
  • Have a conversation in Luxembourgish.
  • Visit the Casemates du Bock in Luxembourg City.
  • Try Luxembourgish specialties like Bouneschlupp, Quetschentaart and Gromperekichelcher. (All real words.)
  • Visit Echternach, where you can walk over a bridge into Germany!
  • See the Valley of Seven Castles.
  • Go to the Christmas markets in Luxembourg.
  • ...aaaaand also go to Christmas markets in Belgium, Germany, and France

Have any suggestions?