About Me

Hi there! My name is Elisabeth (spelled "the French way" ... which may explain a few things). I'm a twenty-something American with a passion for travel, history, and all things francophone. I started this blog as a study abroad student back in 2013; today, I am living, working -- and still blogging, from time to time! -- in Brussels, Belgium.

How did it happen? Let's start at the beginning.

It all began with a study abroad program in 2013. I went to university in the U.S. but because of my field of study, I was strongly encouraged to spend time abroad ... and I didn't exactly put up a fight! After having spent several years overseas while growing up, I practically jumped at the chance to return to Europe. Through a study abroad program at my university, I spent just over four months living and taking classes in Montpellier, France. Most of the travel I did that semester was within southern France and I loved getting to know the region (even if it much of it did look suspiciously like West Texas).

I started a blog in the weeks leading up to my departure for Montpellier, mostly to calm my pre-departure jitters. Blogging about my visa application and the arduous packing process made me feel like a study abroad expert, not a scared 20-year-old about to leave the country on her own for the first time. 

After returning to the U.S. for the spring semester of my junior year, I realized that I wasn't quite finished with France. Thanks to a couple of generous scholarships, I headed back to France for six weeks the following summer to conduct research for an honors thesis. I visited museums dedicated to World War II all over France and spent my free time doing as much sightseeing as possible!

I spent most of the six-week trip on my own, and returned to my dormant blog as way to keep in touch with family (and fill my spare time).

As a senior in college without a clear plan for life after university, I took a chance and applied for a Fulbright grant to teach English in Luxembourg. I moved to the Grand Duchy as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and spent ten months falling in love with this beautiful, multilingual country! To keep track of my experience, I revived the blog I'd started as an undergrad and added new posts about my travel in and around Luxembourg and my experiences as a teaching assistant. (When reading about my Fulbright experience, please keep in mind that my reflections on the program are my own and don't reflect the opinions of the Fulbright Commission in Brussels, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, or the U.S. Department of State). 

After nearly a year in Luxembourg, I decided to move closer to home ... by a whole 100 miles! Since 2016, I've been living and working in Brussels, the vibrant and multilingual capital city of Belgium. Blogging isn't something that I have quite as much time for these days, but keep your eyes peeled for a new post every six months or so. ;)