Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Seriously "Inspiring" Photoshoot on the Seine

Dimanche, 15 juin.

Today was one of those "why not" days. As in ... why not conscript your friend and her friend to participate in a random concours de photographie?

I found about the "Inspirations d'été" or "Summer Inspirations" photo contest online. The event is basically a publicity stunt run by Olympus in an attempt to publicize their new camera, the OM-D EM-10. (Doesn't that sound like something a teenager would text? Too funny.) Participants had to sign up online, then show up at the location on les Berges de la Seine. After a brief introduction to the camera and its features, they could borrow a camera and shoot photos along the banks of the Seine. (And did I mention that this was all completely free?!) Lynn, her friend Sharon, and I spent a couple hours walking around, taking photos, and having a blast!

I'm going to start a collection of the photos I've taken of my feet... 

I loved getting a chance to spend more time on les Berges de la Seine. The whole area, which includes a long stretch of the quays bordering the Seine River, was a recent city project designed to "reclaim" the riverbank. (If you'd like to learn more, you can read about the project's history here.) Les Berges now include paths for walking and biking, spaces for exercise and children's activities, and even little cabins that you can reserve for an afternoon nap! The whole place is lively, colorful, and -- on a beautiful day like today -- absolutely packed.

Most of the activities are permanent, but there are also several temporary projects. I loved this quirky art installation!

One of my favorite surprise locations was the Pont Alexandre III. With its decorative lampposts and gold trim, this bridge looks totally classy from the outside...


... but it's actually ultra modern on the inside! I loved the straight lines of the steel beams and the bright light streaming in from just outside.


IMPORTANT. The photo of the young model is one of my favorites, so I chose to enter it into the Concours Photo. If you'd like to vote for my photo (and I really really wish that you would), click here. You might have to scroll through a few entries to get to mine (just click "afficher plus de photos" to keep loading more pictures). Once you've found my photo, click "J'AIME" to cast your vote by liking the photo on Facebook. The first place recipient wins an Olympus OM-D EM-10!!

I had fun playing around with selective focus. Which picture of the bridge do you prefer?!


We had fun fooling around with the camera's more advanced settings... although I'm no photography expert, I really loved how some of my double exposure shots turned out.

But at the end of the day, nothing beats a good old-fashioned mirror pic...


  1. Bien sur que je vote pour ta photo! Puis-je le faire tous les jours? jusqu'a quand?

  2. J'aime le premier pont (non flou)et aussi beaucoup les doubles exposures! :-) J'aime tout!

  3. I voted for your picture! And I'm enjoying reading your blog. :)

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  5. Wow! Amazing photos! We are so happy for you!
    Mommy & Daddy