Monday, June 16, 2014

A Sunset Stroll through Strasbourg

Lundi, 16 juin.

Bonjour from Strasbourg!

As you might remember, my original research plan was to spend the summer in Paris and take short day trips down to museums around the country. In doing some initial research into travel expenses, I quickly realized that it would be more cost-effective -- not to mention a lot more fun -- to travel from place to place. And so the list of destinations began to grow, slowly including Lyon, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, and eventually Grenoble. Strasbourg was a last-minute addition to my list of summer adventures research destinations ... but what a wonderful decision!

The last time I visited the city was in December 2013, when my friends and I popped up for a few days to visit the world-famous Marchés de Noël. The city was absolutely beautiful then: covered with twinkling lights and packed with eager tourists. But after arriving earlier today I've realized that I had NO IDEA exactly how beautiful this city can be.

There are flowers literally everywhere, brightening up practically every bridge and street corner in the city. I had a great time walking along the banks of the river, watching passers-by ... and taking pictures of the beautiful buildings, of course!

Even as the sun began to set, it was difficult to stop wandering and head back to my apartment. But as I slowly made my way back, the city began to quiet down. Shops closed up for the night and the noise of rush hour traffic disappeared. Tourists sat down to eat their overpriced dinners in crowded restaurant patios. The wind picked up and it was hard to anything over the sound of it rustling through the trees. I'm not going to lie ... it was pretty chouette.