summer 2014: france

While spending an eye-opening and life-changing semester abroad during the fall of 2013, I decided that leaving France for good was not something that I was interested in doing. While I knew I'd have to come back to the States eventually, I began to think of ways to extend my European adventures.

Thanks to the McCormack-Reboussin Scholarship, I was able to return to France for six weeks in the summer of 2014 to conduct research for my honors thesis. (You can read blog posts about that research on this school-run blog.) During those six weeks, I visited World War II museums in cities all over France and traveled from the heart of France to the foothills of the Alps to the country's west coast. In addition to my research, I took some time to catch up with friends and to explore on my own.

Here is everywhere I traveled!

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Or check out these recommendations!

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